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Check that your homeowners’ insurance is adequate
6 APR 2016

When disaster strikes, whether it be fire or flood, all homeowners should be able to rest easy that ...

Renewable energy now the focus of ministry
1 APR 2016

According to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, they will require N$98.9 million in the current finan...

World Water Day - Tips on Saving In and Around the House
22 MAR 2016

Water is a vital commodity and the preservation of this precious resource is in our hands. We take a...

More taxes, higher interest rates add to slow land delivery distress
7 MAR 2016

In the northern town of Ondangwa, potential homeowners are vying for the most affordable plots - cau...

Namibia Equity Brokers forecasts rate hike
17 FEB 2016

Namibia Equity Brokers (NEB) forecasts that the Bank of Namibia will hike its key lending rate by 25...

Housing Index: Retreats in the last quarter of 2015
4 FEB 2016

The latest statistics from FNB Namibia showed that the housing index for the fourth quarter of 2015 ...
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