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Treasure Hunter - The Skeleton Coast
27 JUN 2016

The desert sands of Namibia, known to be one of the oldest deserts in the world, contains a mystical...

Decline in building plans in Windhoek
22 JUN 2016

According to the latest statistics, a total of 103 building plans worth N$47.7 million were approved...

Repo Rate remains unchanged for now
17 JUN 2016

It was announced by Namibia’s central bank that the repo rate will remain unchanged at 7% until mid-...

A gold-filled shipwreck uncovered in Namibia
10 JUN 2016

The Skeleton Coast is known for its shipwrecks and it is not uncommon to find one buried along its c...

Henties Bay - Explore this beautiful coastal town
10 JUN 2016

Henties Bay recently made the headlines when it became the first Namibian town in six years that cou...

A new suburb planned for Walvis Bay
31 MAY 2016

It was recently announced that a new suburb was planned for Walvis Bay, which was greeted with loud ...
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