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Walvis Bay – a Treasure Chest
14 MAY 2015

Discovered in the late fifteenth century by Bartolomeu Dias - a guy who must have loved to be at sea...

FNB Property Barometer - Rand Area Review
11 MAY 2015

“Superior economy = superior housing market performance” - Focus on the Namibian region of the Commo...

Windhoek - Vibrant Heart of Namibia
8 MAY 2015

Throbbing with energy and pulsing life, the capital of Namibia proves to be a dream setting for the ...

Tools that homeowners can’t live without
6 MAY 2015

Purchasing a home is an amazing milestone that most people aspire to, however owning a property come...

R480 million shopping centre for Walvis Bay
7 APR 2015

Work has started on a R480 million regional shopping centre Safland is developing for a Tradehold-le...

A plan of action for your new home
31 MAR 2015

After months of searching for the right home, applying for finance and patiently waiting for the key...
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