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Pam Golding Properties makes inroads in Namibian property market
7 FEB 2013

Historically an appealing destination for South African tourists, Namibia is experiencing increasing...

The fine print of moving houses
7 DEC 2012

While packing and unpacking boxes may be a large part of moving homes, it is not the only aspect tha...

How to Prepare Your Property for a Show Day in a Competitive Market
9 NOV 2012

First impressions are always important, whether it be for a job interview or a meeting with your fut...

Building requirements - what you need to know
22 OCT 2012

We take a look at the latest developments of the Building Compliance Certificate....

Maximise your home’s profit potential
16 OCT 2012

For most people buying a home will be the largest financial investment they will ever make. It is po...

Improving your credit fitness
9 OCT 2012

Financial institutions have relaxed their lending criteria to some degree and have shown a greater a...
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