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Tips for Moving with Kids or Pets
4 APR 2017

Moving into a new home can be both exciting and stressful, and can be particularly challenging when ...

Mortgages for second properties capped
30 MAR 2017

Property buyers shopping for second homes will have to come up with larger deposits in the future as...

Researching the effect of climate change and deforestation on Namibian fauna
22 MAR 2017

A researcher from Virginia Tech has set up camp in the hot and dry desert of Namibia in an effort to...

Namibia Pushes for Expanded Housing Opportunities
10 MAR 2017

During her opening address at Namibia's urban future forum held at the Namibia University of Science...

Windhoek centre to get multimillion-dollar refurbishment
7 MAR 2017

Gustav Voigts shopping centre in Namibia’s capital city of Windhoek is to undergo a multimillion-dol...

Benefits of living walls for a sustainable urban environment
2 MAR 2017

As the population in urban areas grows, the environments also need to evolve if the want to thrive i...
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