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Sustainable Self-sufficient Urban Living
28 NOV 2016

One of the most pressing issues facing humankind is how to sustainably feed and house the growing gl...

Luderitz - A Quaint Coastal Town Steeped in History
14 NOV 2016

Luderitz is a quaint coastal town situated to the south of Namibia that is characterised by German a...

Is solar roof tiles the solution to sustainable roofing?
7 NOV 2016

Tesla have just launched a range of solar roof tiles that should prove to be a game changer in gener...

Bushmanland - off the beaten track
31 OCT 2016

Another off-the-beaten-track attraction to visit is Bushmanland, home to traditional San bushmen who...

The Allure of Kaokoland
24 OCT 2016

Often described as one of the last truly wild areas of southern Africa, Kaokoland is a wilderness wi...

Swakopmund - A Coastal Gem
10 OCT 2016

Situated halfway between Etosha National Park and Sossusvlei, and in close proximity to the Skeleton...
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