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Windhoek centre to get multimillion-dollar refurbishment
7 MAR 2017

Gustav Voigts shopping centre in Namibia’s capital city of Windhoek is to undergo a multimillion-dol...

Benefits of living walls for a sustainable urban environment
2 MAR 2017

As the population in urban areas grows, the environments also need to evolve if the want to thrive i...

The importance of dew and fog as a water source for plants in arid regions
20 FEB 2017

Freshwater is becoming scarcer due to the increasing demand by an ever growing population, as well a...

Bank of Namibia - Repo rate remains unchanged
16 FEB 2017

The Bank of Namibia announced yesterday that the rate will remain unchanged, saying that it is enoug...

Namibia Dehorns Hundreds of Rhinos in Anti-poaching Drive
13 FEB 2017

Namibia is rolling out a rhino dehorning program that was initiated in 2014 in an effort to protect ...

Namibia - World Leaders in Water Recycling
7 FEB 2017

Being a dry, arid country that frequently suffers extended periods of drought, water scarcity is a r...
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