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Property Statistics: How long it takes to sell your property
27 JAN 2017

A recent report by First National Bank (FNB) has revealed how long a property spends on the market o...

Unsure of Whether to Rent or Buy a Home?
20 JAN 2017

Renting versus owning a home is a dilemma many people face during the course of their lives. There a...

Tips for Linking up a Multi-tank Rainwater Harvesting System
16 JAN 2017

If you decide to opt for a multi-tank system, or wish to expand a single tank by adding one or more ...

Benefits of a Multi-tank Rainwater Harvesting System
23 DEC 2016

Before investing in a new rainwater harvesting tank, you need to carefully consider your household w...

Living off-grid: Hot Water
19 DEC 2016

Once you have your rainwater harvesting system setup to enable you to go off-grid with water, you ma...

How to Prepare Your Roof for Harvesting Rainwater
8 DEC 2016

Rainwater can be harvested from the roof of your house or any other roof surface - including your ga...
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