Is solar roof tiles the solution to sustainable roofing?


Tesla have just launched a range of solar roof tiles that should prove to be a game changer in generating free energy from the sun. The solar roof tiles are particularly suitable for areas such as Namibia that receive a lot of sunshine.

Besides being a practical solution for providing a home with a renewable source of energy, the solar roof tiles are also aesthetically pleasing and will enhance any home. Rather than using unsightly, bulky solar panels to harness the sun's energy, the tiles form an integral part of the roof structure and come in a range of four stylish designs: textured glass, slate glass, smooth glass, and tuscan styled glass. Homeowners can choose a style that aesthetically compliments the design of their home.

The solar roof tiles mimic the styles of current roofing materials available on the market, resembling a standard roof when viewed from the ground. Yet, while they appear opaque from below, the top surface is transparent, allowing solar rays to penetrate.


The solar roof tiles are manufactured from quartz glass and should effectively last much longer than standard asphalt tiles, and to quote South African born CEO, Elon Musk, "they should last longer than the house".


While replacing an existing roof with solar roof tiles may prove pricey, Tesla's solar roof tiles offer an affordable solution when constructing a new home. The cost of installing Tesla's roof tiles will be competitive with that of fitting a standard roof covering together with electricity, with the added bonus that electricity will be provided for free as long as there is sunshine — something that is not lacking in Namibia.

Traditional roofing materials don't offer the homeowner any financial benefits other than possibly improving the market value of the home. Tesla's solar roof tiles offer long-term economic savings, as the solar tiles will generate enough energy to power a home. Energy can be stored in Powerwall 2.0 wall-mounted batteries that can provide power during times when there is no sunshine, such as at night.