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Solar Heat could Provide Namibia with Power and Water, Study Finds
17 MAY 2018

In arid countries, where water is scarce and sunshine plentiful, this could help solve water scarcit...

Namibia Invests Millions to Protect its Wildlife
8 MAY 2018

In 2017, poachers killed 32 rhinos and 22 elephant in Namibia. Although these figures have improved ...

SunCycles Provides a Sustainable Transport & Sightseeing Option in Namibia
2 MAY 2018

SunCycles, a Namibian startup founded by Marita Walther and her husband Bernhard, offers locals and ...

Sanlam Launches Coastal Marathon to Scout for Athletic Talent
25 APR 2018

Sanlam recently announced the launch of a coastal marathon that will be held for the first time ever...

MIGA helps Secure Long-term Finance for Solar Energy Development
17 APR 2018

MIGA, part of the World Bank Group, recently announced that it is willing to provide Namibia with gu...

Wild Horses Update
9 APR 2018

The plight of Namibia's wild horses has recently received wide media coverage in a grave effort to s...
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