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Namibia, The Shining Diamond of Africa
17 JUL 2018

Namibia, which obtained its independence from South Africa back in 1990, is recognized as one of the...

Energy-efficient stoves bring relief to Namibian rural communities
2 JUL 2018

The introduction of the stoves is part of a renewable energy and climate change mitigation project t...

Mysterious Sea Creature Washed Ashore on Namibia's Skeleton Coast
11 JUN 2018

Namibia is renowned for its wildlife found roaming the wind-swept dunes, salt pans and desert terrai...

Namibia Seeking Innovative Solutions to Human-Wildlife Conflict
6 JUN 2018

Arguably one of Namibia's greatest assets is its wildlife, which together with the uniquely stunning...

Namibia is One of the Safest Countries in Africa for Women
30 MAY 2018

A research study that was recently conducted by Afrasia Bank together with New World Wealth, which a...

Solar Heat could Provide Namibia with Power and Water, Study Finds
17 MAY 2018

In arid countries, where water is scarce and sunshine plentiful, this could help solve water scarcit...
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