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Water reconnection to cost N$8,9 million in Windhoek
3 APR 2020

It was announced that the reconnection of water for residents of Windhoek with outstanding bills wil...

Partial lockdown to start on Friday
25 MAR 2020

This coming Friday will see the implementation of a partial lockdown of Namibia until 16 April in an...

Former Oshakati Mayor defends allocation of 40 plots
4 MAR 2020

The former mayor of Oshakati, Katrina Shimbulu, has recently come under fire for the allocation of 4...

City to provide land to over 20 000 people this year
21 FEB 2020

The Windhoek City Council is to provide a total of 20 000 heads of households in Windhoek’s informal...

Afrikaner cattle thrive in Namibia’s arid regions
30 JAN 2020

The Afrikaner, once the most popular breed in Southern African, is ideally suited to today’s uncerta...

The Transformation of Namibia’s Etosha Pan, From Parched to Soaked
23 JAN 2020

THE ETOSHA PAN, IN NORTHERN Namibia, is no stranger to extremes. The white, salty landscape—leftover...
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