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Make sure your neighbourhood has what you need
19 SEP 2022

Packing up and relocating to another city is a major undertaking, so it is imperative to do the nece...

How to buy a home remotely
25 AUG 2022

Buying a new home is an exciting and often stressful time - even more so if you are buying a home re...

5 Home selling myths debunked
26 JUL 2022

For many first-time sellers, selling their homes can be a complicated process - sometimes made worse...

What is a legacy file, and why do you need one for your home?
14 JUL 2022

Emergencies like a burst geyser or a tree falling on your home during a storm happen, and we cannot ...

3 things to do before you buy your first home
7 JUN 2022

If you are thinking about going from renting to owning a home, there are a few things you need to co...

How to keep track of your property options
16 MAY 2022

Finding the right home may sound like an easy process, however many buyers don’t realise that it can...
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