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The land that never was
16 JAN 2020

FARM D├╝sternbrook stands still in the midday heat, only the sheets on the clothing line are blown by...

Investing in Namibia
2 JAN 2020

With a sophisticated infrastructure and a well developed economy, Namibia offers a wealth of busines...

Credit gate opens for property developers and speculators
9 DEC 2019

The government has finally given the green light to the Bank of Namibia's initiative to loosen up th...

Towards a positive trade balance for Namibia
9 DEC 2019

On 19 November 2019, the Namibia Statistics Agency released the 2nd quarter trade statistics. The fi...

Namibia wins Emerging Destination Award
11 NOV 2019

WINDHOEK - Namibia has been voted one of the top 30 emerging travel destinations on the planet for 2...

Are you ready to receive the rain
6 NOV 2019

Namibia has endured a seemingly longer dry spell, and many farmers label it as the hardest season co...
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