Wild Horses Update


The plight of Namibia's wild horses has recently received wide media coverage in a grave effort to save the emaciated herd who have suffered during the prolonged drought. The good news is that in just over a month, the condition of the horses has improved dramatically.

This can in part be attributed to a delivery of donated hay that arrived just when they needed it most, which tided them over until conditions on the ground improved. Now, with sparse tufts of grass visible on the otherwise barren landscape, the horses have access to some natural grazing and their condition has improved remarkably.

Just over a month ago individual horses were skeletally thin and visibly weak. They are now fatter and their coats nice and shiny The improvement in their condition over such a short timeframe is quite remarkable. Horses that were barely existing in February this year are now rolling in the dust and frolicking about with newfound energy.

They are also more likely to be seen by visitors wanting to get a glimpse of these enigmatic animals. According to the Namibia Wild Horse Facebook page, "The horses now have enough energy to move from the water to the grazing often so passers by will no doubt have good sightings of them at the moment." They caution visitors to drive carefully within the park area as the horses are moving around in close proximity to the road.  

You kind find out more about this project on their Facebook Page, their website www.wild-horses-namibia.com. Join us by making a small donation to the fund to ensure their futures.