Namibia, The Shining Diamond of Africa

PUBLISHED 17 JUL 2018   

Namibia, which obtained its independence from South Africa back in 1990, is recognized as one of the world's youngest nations. It also gets credit for having some of the cleanest cities in the world and arguable some of the most spectacular scenery, with a wide range of wildlife and a diverse range of cultures to make it even more interesting. Until recently, Namibia has been a relatively underrated country. But not anymore.  

Namibia's economy centers around four key pillars: 1) fishing and agriculture; 2) manufacturing and infrastructure; 3) tourism; and 4) mining and energy. The tourism industry is growing as more and more visitors discover the wonders this country has to offer, and there is plenty of opportunity for growth in this sector. The mining sector is another huge cornerstone, with the diamond industry contributing US$3 billion alone.

Now, in an effort to share Africa's Best-Kept Secret with the world Diamonds International (DI), the Caribbean's largest tax and duty-free jewelry store, has released a documentary titled Namibia, The Shining Diamond of Africa, highlighting Namibia's history and showcasing its splendour in all its glory.

Diamonds International has close ties with Namibia. Every year the company provides millions of tourists from countries all around world an unrivaled selection of some of the finest rare gemstones, diamonds and designer jewelry. Its leading diamond brand, the Crown of Light diamond, also known as the Namibian Star, is created in Namibia and is a true shining diamond of Africa. It is sold in the company's retail stores scattered across more than 20 countries around the world, helping to put Namibia and its diamonds on the map. 

The company not only provides jobs and capacity building through skills transfer, it also gives back to the community through its social responsibility program, which supports the local Namibian orphanage, Baby Haven.

 "In this world, it's not just about taking, it's about giving back" says Diamond International's CEO & President, Albert Gad, CEO & President. 

According to Gad, DI is "One big International family" and as such, the company has welcomed the Namibian community on board with open arms. Namibia's unique beauty and rich culture have ultimately helped drive the diamond brand's success to another level, simultaneously benefitting the country.

Diamond International supports ethical mine-to-market practices and strives to maintain the unique Namibian way of life while working with the Namibian people to create unique designs, cut diamonds and stones to present to the world. The company believes that their efforts have paid off as besides the stunning beauty the country has to offer, Namibia 'produces some of the most stunning diamonds on earth.' 

This video pays tribute to Namibia, The Shining Diamond of Africa, home of the Namibian Star, or Crown of Light diamond, and shows how the growth of the Crown of Light has impacted the professional and personal growth of Diamond International local Namibia staff.