[FEATURED] Swakopmund through the eyes of Yvette Idiou


MyProperty Namibia: Who are you and how long have you been a Property/Real Estate Agent in Namibia?

Yvette: My name is Yvette Idiou. I am a Real Estate Agent from the Top Real Estate agency in Namibia, YellowSquare Properties under the leadership of Dickson Swanepoel.


I was born in Namibia and I live in  Swakopmund. I mainly work in the coastal towns of Walvis Bay, Henties Bay and Swakopmund with 4 years experience in the real estate market. I specialize in buying, selling and renting of residential, industrial, commercial as well as agricultural properties.


I love solving problems for my clients, guiding them through the buying and selling process as well as being creative, innovative, whilst challenging myself.

My motivation in this business is one smile at a time, if I can satisfy one client at a time I am happy, taking baby steps is key. The best part of my job is meeting new people and building lifelong relationships.

MyProperty Namibia: We saw you recently featured Swakopmund in a video -  What makes this area so unique?


Yvette:My video was about a suburb in Swakopmund named Ocean View. The name says it all! It’s situated very close to the Ocean and it offers potential buyers a variety of homes to choose from, whether you are a first-time home buyer looking for a family home, an investor or someone looking to downsize, Ocean View offers a vast selection of properties to choose from! 


From free-standing homes, properties to let or townhouses - you’ll find your dream home here. Not far from Ocean View we also have a very safe and secure Retirement Village, Shopping Centre as well as two private schools a short 10 min drive from Ocean View.

MyProperty Namibia: How is the property market looking in Swakopmund currently?

Yvette:We are currently facing difficult economic times in Namibia and the property market is not exempt from the effect. Property prices in Swakopmund have dropped with most selling below valuation. This is good for buyers but not so good for sellers.

Irrespective of the difficult times, properties are still being sold and most of our current buyers are cash buyers. We also see a lot of foreigners especially from South Africa buying property in Namibia. It is never a bad time to invest in property it is one of the best investment you will ever make.

MyProperty Namibia: Would you recommend Swakopmund to young families or young working professionals?

Swakopmund is a beautiful coastal town with a lot to offer to tourists, holiday goers and residents alike!

With its German architecture and symbolic monuments such as the Hohenzollern Building, The Jetty and the Lighthouse to name a few as well as sandy beaches, dunes and a variety of activities for both young and old. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a change from the hustle and bustle of city life or in search of serenity. You will find it in Swakopmund.


MyProperty Namibia: Lastly, what about Namibia stands out to you, and why you think that’s a great selling point for purchasing property here?

Yvette: Only in the Motherland do you find the “Desert that meets the Sea” and for me, this is one of the unique features we have in Namibia. Our friendly people, relaxed atmosphere and beautiful scenery set us apart from the rest of the world.

There are so many reasons to mention why Namibia is the best country to invest in, but another very unique attribute has got to be the fact that Namibia has such a diverse culture.

We have 12 different major ethnic groups and speak about 30 unique languages and although we form our own tribes and face many daily challenges as a Country we are one, we stand as one. We fight for what is right and condone all that is wrong. We are the Land of the Brave.


Thank you very much for your time Yvette, We are sure the readers would fall in love through a visit to Swakopmund.


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