[FEATURED ] Interview with Kwenani Simasiku from Four Sima Properties.

PUBLISHED 28 NOV 2018   

MyProperty Namibia: Hello, Kwenani. Please tell us a bit more about yourself?

Kwenani: Thank you for featuring me! I was born and raised in Namibia; I am a graduated from the University of Namibia Science and Technology with a bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. I was employed in sales in my entire career. I initially worked in the motor industry and banking sector, but then moved over to Property sales in Namibia.

Four Sima Property Cc was registered in 2015 & I am certified by Namibia Estate Agents Board.

Did you know?

“To date, Namibia has over 570,000 active Facebook users according to the Internet Users Statistics for Africa (Africa Internet Usage, 2018 Population Stats and Facebook Subscribers), recorded on 31 December 2017.”

MyProperty Namibia: We saw that you use Facebook & Instagram a lot to promote properties online. How well has this been working for you?

Kwenani: I, personally use Facebook and Instagram, because it is an easy and cost-effective way to reach the broader Namibian audience. Both Facebook and Instagram have done wonders for my property business, even though I would still use newspapers adverts too.


MyProperty Namibia: Do you think young working adults are looking to buy property earlier in life or would they rather rent?

Kwenani: I find that young working- and married adults prefer to buy properties, while single one prefer to rent especially in a safe and secure complex.

MyProperty Namibia: How would you encourage young working adults to go about when they want to buy their first property?

Kwenani: They should maintain a good record for 6 months, Request for a pre– approval, which will determine how they will be able to buy, and in which location is within their price range.

Paying a deposit will help to reduce the monthly instalment on their mortgage.

First time buyers are advised to purchase a cheaper property, which will allow them to build their wealth step by step by acquiring more properties. Properties are the best investment on earth.

MyProperty Namibia: What do think the future holds for the property market in Namibia?

Kwenani: The future of properties in Namibia looks very bright, even though Windhoek property market has been under pressure from last year which resulted in properties selling below market value.

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