MyProperty Namibia 2019 Interior Design Trends

PUBLISHED 24 JAN 2019   

With the rising cost of living, property has become a valuable asset that one should nurture and look after. Over the past year, we’ve seen a modern trend where property is being used for dual purposes. For example, one of our #MyPropertyNamPicks late in 2018, which consisted of a workshop/warehouse space with an upstairs flat. View property 1158843 for yourself:

Okay, let’s look at what is trending this year….


Multipurpose furniture

Face it - furniture is expensive, so make the best of what you have and ensure your furniture can serve more than one purpose. What are we talking about? This can be a mirror cabinet that doubles as cabinet space, but looks like a mirror feature or a folding dining room table. You know those that can extent or fold in to save space. One of the best examples of this, the MyProperty Namibia team has seen, is the Ottoman chairs that turns into 5 mini chairs.

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Oxidized wood

Another cost-effective interior design trend that you can DIY at home. Oxidized wood is wood that has been made to look weathered and works really well with reclaimed wood. Create your own Oxidizing solution at home with white vinegar and fine steel wool (alternatively use nails). Mix the two ingredients, let it sit in a glass jar for some time until the steel wool has been dissolved and, viola! Just get your piece of wood and paint it. Our team thinks it brings character to any old piece of wooden furniture like coffee tables and cabinets.

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Boho is back!

You’re thinking we’re joking, but we’re not. :) Boho is a melting pot of patterns, different textures with influences from a variety of cultures and eras. This trend is a great way to incorporate a lot of elements in your home that’s just standing around but that all works in harmony with each other. Include furniture and decor items like Persian carpets, lanterns, netting, some ottomans and candles.

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Colour of the year

There is no clean cut winner here. The MyProperty Namibia team rather looked at a few colour tones that’s modern and would suit a variety of interiors. The major colours trending this year is;

  • Coral - Fresh, energizing and perfect for key interior elements like scatter cushions on a grey couch or candles.
  • Blue - Not just any blue, but a pastel blue. We’re talking about unconventional pastel blue kitchen cupboards.
  • Brown - Bring out those earthy tones, whether it’s a featured wall in your home or perfect for leather furniture pieces like a couch or chair.

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