Bikepacking through Namibia.

PUBLISHED 28 JUN 2019   

Earlier this week, we asked you, our loyal MyProperty Namibia readers whether you’ve ever considered bikepacking through Namibia? 

Some of you might smirk and laugh at the idea, but for those who are adventurous at heart and keen for the next trip to explore the untouched beauty of Namibia. We would say, you need to consider bikepacking!

What is bike packing?

In simple terms it is a form of mountain biking combined with minimalist camping - It is all about exploring places less traveled. This can include riding single track, trails, gravel or abandoned dirt roads, carrying only the essential gear for accommodation and meals.

There are 3 different genres of classifying bikepacking namely; multi-day mountain biking, ultralight race & gravel riding, and expedition & dirt touring. We will be looking into the world of expedition & dirt touring, specifically through Namibia.

Where to start when bikepacking through Namibia?

We have a few avid cyclists in our MyProperty Namibia team, but bikepacking is not about seeing who can cycle the fastest or in the quickest time. It is the complete opposite - taking your time, absorbing the beautiful nature around you, spending some time alone with your own thoughts, and just appreciating the surroundings.
So, you’ll need a good bike. We recommend either a gravel bike or mountain bike for a comfy ride. Seeing that you are most likely going to spend a lot of time on the saddle.

What to pack in your bag for a bikepacking adventure?

No, this is no form of #glamping - this is more like roughing it. Firstly, ensure that ALL bags are waterproof. You don’t know if you’ll be caught in a cloud of rain or need to go through a knee-high river. Rather be prepared and keep your belongings dry! Also, water, water and water - you don’t want to be caught out in the Namib desert without water. So, make sure you carry enough water on you and plan your next stops carefully.

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As for your clothes, pack the bare minimum; only a few items, which can be hand washed every second day. The team from has an excellent tip when cycling through Namibia or other African countries. Their tip is to packing clothes made from merino wool, which is a durable material, regulates temperature well and has the added benefit of keeping odours away.

For more tips & tricks for packing your bags, including items to take along, visit the link; Bikepacking in Africa.

Where to go bikepacking in Namibia?

OK! You’ve got the bike, you’ve packed your (waterproof, ultra-durable) bags, now just to find the perfect route to explore.

We suggest starting from south of Namibia, entering from Springbok or Steinkopf (South Africa), and over the border, cycling your way up to Ai-Ais, where you enter the Fish River Canyon.

This is an unbelievably scenic route, but MUST be planned properly as during the summer, the temperatures can surpass 50 degrees Celsius. After going through the Canyon, you can cycle to Keetmanshoop and keep going until you reach Windhoek, but again these routes must be planned properly.

We hope this info has intrigued you enough to now consider bikepacking through Namibia!
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