SA blogger's thoughts on her first visit to Namibia

PUBLISHED 19 JUL 2019   

You might think this is cliché, BUT a lot of South Africans’ has not yet ventured over the border and visited one of their neighbouring countries, Namibia. Anja from the Glitz and Grammar blog recently got the opportunity to visit our beautiful country with her family.

The MyProperty Namibia team had the privilege to chat to Anja about her impressions of Namibia from a first-timer’s perspective. SAFA’s, hopefully after this, the #wanderlust bug will bite you, and you’ll visit Namibia!

MyProperty Namibia: Hello Anja, lovely to have the opportunity to chat to you and get your insights! We know that you’ve loved to write about your travels on your blog, but for all those that might not know you. Can you tell the MyProperty Namibia readers more about the face behind Glitz & Grammar?

Anja: Hello! My name is Anja van der Spuy, but most people know me as Anja Wintour because of my blog. I live in Cape Town with my boyfriend and my dog, Maya, who I sadly couldn’t take with me to Namibia. Hopefully I’ll be able to take her with me on future trips. 

I can’t start my day without coffee (luckily I’m surrounded by some of the best coffee spots in South Africa) and over weekends you’ll either find me at one of Cape Town’s beaches, or walking my dog in the forest.

MyProperty Namibia: So, now that you’ve been to Namibia - what is the one thing that you never knew about Namibia that you’ve learned now? 

Anja: I never knew that the desert was so diverse in terms of its scenery. I went to Namibia with the idea that I’d be surrounded by sand dunes constantly, but there were so many different sceneries that I fell in love with. Some areas are very mountainous, while other areas are stark. In Walvis Bay you’ll find massive sand dunes and just around the corner there are flamingos chilling in the sea. The diversity is what makes Namibia so beautiful. 


MyProperty Namibia: In which areas did you stay, and what was the highlight of each area?
Anja: We started our trip at Amanzi River Trails, which is just on the other side of the RSA border. I loved being so close to the river and we’re planning to come back in summer to do a guided river tour. We were then supposed to go to Mount D’Urban campsite in Helmeringhausen, but on the way we got caught in a sandstorm and the temperature plummeted after that. We made a call to rather stay in the Helmeringhausen hotel for the evening, because by 14:00 it was already 4 Degrees outside and we would’ve frozen in tents!

The hotel was LOVELY, I cannot recommend it enough. You’ll get a delicious home cooked dinner and breakfast included in the rate, and the rooms are spacious and comfortable. After Helmeringhausen we went straight to Swakopmund, on the way we stopped at Solitaire for their world famous apple tart which lived up to the hype. I love staying in Swakopmund, because the weather was balmy during the day and I was actually wearing short sleeves in July – this is unheard of in the Cape.

My favourite part was the Moonscape, which is just outside of Swakopmund. The area quite literally looks like the moon – it took my breath away. There’s also a very cute restaurant and petting zoo, so if you have kids they’ll definitely love it there.

MyProperty Namibia: Why aren't more S. Africans visiting the beautiful coastal town of Walvis Bay or going glamping in Spitzkoppe?
Anja: I think people are daunted by the idea of camping and most don’t have the facilities to do so. I don’t come from a family of campers, but my parents rented a bakkie with roof tents from Britz, which made everything so seamless. With the roof tents, you only have to pull them down using the ladder, secure them to the bakkie and that’s it. It’s so easy!

I also think that people might be put off by driving such long distances, but you can catch a plane from Cape Town International Airport to Walvis Bay and then you can jol to your heart’s content!


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