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Gaven Sinclair ran solo for 4,000km's through the Namib desert.

PUBLISHED 15 AUG 2019   

MyProperty Namibia: Thank you for making time for us in between your adventures, Gaven! Firstly, for the people out there that don't yet know about you, please give us a brief overview?

Gaven: In 2017 I cycled solo and unsupported from Cape Town to Cairo. In 2018, I ran solo and unsupported for 4000kms across 4 African countries, all in aid to raise funds & awareness for Missing Children South Africa, of which I was an official ambassador for 4 years. In 2019 I swam from two island's, North of Mozambique to the mainland one 5km and another 12km.

I am a brand ambassador for Garmin SA & FALKE SA and I do life coaching, motivational speaking, fundraising. I'm also an activist against child trafficking and wildlife conservation. In 2019 I was awarded the Purple Heart of South Africa for the past four years of humanitarian work.

MyProperty Namibia: What is a “Professional Adventurer” exactly?

Gaven: Being adventurous in life is a positive way of living. Some people prefer their life to be adventurous and full of excitement. It is not possible for everyone to make a living as a professional adventurer, but being a professional adventurer, a person can live his/her fullest without any barriers or boundaries while pushing yourself physically and mentally.

This is, I believe, a new golden age of adventure, where it has become democratized. We don’t necessarily need vast endowments to fund travel, nor is there a need to rely on television or big-money book deals for a platform.
The internet has given us all a soapbox to shout from, and it’s been a joy to see so many wonderful storytellers emerge. Here’s to the next generation.

"So, had I known all this before, would I still have tried to turn my expeditions into a career? Probably."

Every job has its downsides, and I’m under no illusions that I’m incredibly fortunate to do what I do, but I wouldn’t change it.

MyProperty Namibia: Please tell us more about the Solo Run across 4 African countries, which included the Namib desert you recently completed.

Gaven: I started my run on the East Coast of South Africa, St Lucia running north towards Kosi Bay border into Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia and back down the West Coast of South Africa to the V&A waterfront. Part of my Mozambique stage, I ran from Maputo and made my way up along the coastline to Guinjata Bay carrying a 10kg backpack with some challenges along the beach.

The trip took 7 months to complete with an unforgettable experience in Namibia. My route took me through Solitaire, Namib-Naukluft National Park, NamibRand National Park, Sossusvlei then back down to the border of Alexander Bay. Some of my highlights stopping over at Sossusvlei Lodge and Le Mirage.


MyProperty Namibia: For what cause did you do this?

Gaven: My main motivation was to make a difference and hopefully inspire and motivate people around the world, I chose Missing Children South Africa as my foundation to represent, especially as an official ambassador to them, to raise funds & awareness. We travel the world to see the beautiful and taste the exotic but it’s the people we meet along the way that makes it remarkable.To experience the full potential of explorative travel, one must understand a culture, therefore the people.

Looking back at the most memorable times of my travels across the African continent, the one constant is the people, locals and travellers alike. It’s because of those connections, whether brief or still active that I remember moments more fondly with detail. Beyond mental memories, travel photos are better with the human element. It gives it character and a story. After all, all we have in the end is our memories. Go where you feel most alive.

MyProperty Namibia: This is incredible, Gaven. What will your next adventure entail?

Gaven: I am looking to start an Adventure racing business with one or two partners. We just started planning for November 2019, for a charity mountain bike ride from Cape Town to the border of Mozambique with a champion elite mountain biker, Hannele Steyn, and one or two well known adventurers.

We're in discussions with Peace Parks Foundation to raise funds & awareness for them with exciting developments with new sponsors and brands such as Passion 4 Wholeness and my website development powered by Business Elements from Swakopmund.