Ompunda village launches small-scale green scheme


Image via NAMPA

The Ompunda village in the Omusati Region recently launched a small-scale green scheme that will produce fruit and vegetables for the community's consumption and the local market.

Initiated by Hosea Ndengu, the project will produce maize, sweet potato, spinach, onions, tomatoes and other fruit and vegetables. The project is situated on three-hectres of Thomas Abed's land which he donated to the project. 

Project spokesperson Mathews Kalangula said the project is answering the Government's call for communities to be self-sufficient with the hope of alleviating poverty. He says the project started as a backyard garden at Ndengu's house eight years ago and is being expanded as a community project.

Speaking to NAMPA after the launch of the project, Ndengu sad 79-seedlings were donated to Okaku Constituency Councillor Gerson Kapenda's office to be handed over to schools in the constituency.

A pilot of the just-launched Kambalona project donated 131 fruit trees to 12 schools in the Ondangwa Urban Constituency in June this year.