Swakopmund Municipality kicks off development project

PUBLISHED 25 JAN 2021   

Image via NBC

The Swakopmund Municipality kicked off its '8 Block" development project recently - this will see the delivery of 1300 serviced erven

In a bid to address the need for housing the town council approved and allocated unserviced land to eight private developers in 2018

Once the project has been completed 39% or 513 of the 1300 erven will be returned to the council as part of the joint venture agreements with developers. The developers are Tapeya Investment Holdings, Ghetto Assistance Centre, Gheron Building Construction, and Quintessential Trading and Consultancy.

The developers will be responsible for financing and installation of services to the townships, as well as the construction of houses on the land. The council's contribution is the provision of virgin land.

“Housing development is not only about erven, roads and utilities infrastructure. It is about planning for the people that occupy the area. Successful, efficient communities are not built over night and do not happen by chance. They are the result of a clear vision and careful planning,” said Swakopmund mayor Louisa Kativa at the groundbreaking ceremony on Friday.

Erongo governor Neville Andre said the government recognises the importance of public- private partnerships and the crucial role they play in the country's development through smart partnerships.

“It is evident that this project caters not only for those who need homes, but it will also create much-needed employment in our community. This will all add up in contributing towards the stimulation and growth of our local and regional economy,” he said.