Know what you want before you start your property hunt

PUBLISHED 13 APR 2021   

While working with the right real estate professional will have an impact on how quickly you find the home of your dreams, another important factor is making sure that you provide that agent with all the information they need to match the property to your criteria
If an agent has a comprehensive list of what your needs are before you start your property hunt, the easier it will be for them to find a property (or properties) that match what you would want in an ideal home. This is why, as a buyer, it is important to work with an agent that you feel comfortable with and have an open line of communication with to be able to convey exactly what you require.

Don't forget the finances

One vital piece of information that buyers are often unwilling to share with their agent is how much they can actually afford to spend on a property. For many buyers that are not prepared this could mean that they think they can afford a home much more expensive than their actual budget will allow. However, a good agent from a reputable real estate brand would rather ensure that their buyers become repeat customers or help them through referrals and would opt to help a buyer understand what they can and cannot afford.

It is vital that buyers approach property purchases in an upfront manner and disclose all their criteria and exactly how much they are willing to pay for these needs. Buyers who do this will find themselves walking away from the experience far happier than those buyers who don’t disclose their affordability levels.

Make a list of the features you want

It is important for buyers to sit down beforehand and make a list of the features that are absolutely essential and a list of those features that are negotiable and can be compromised on. Once this has been decided on, communicating the essentials to the agent will make house hunting a lot easier. Although it might be uncommon for buyers to find exactly what they are looking for, sorting out any differences and having a clearer idea of what they want before meeting with an agent will have them in their ideal home far quicker.

Find the right agent

Dealing with an agent you can trust and who understands your needs will play a substantial role in a successful house hunting experience. Very often clients will deal with the same agent when selling and buying because they have formed a relationship of trust with that agent. These relationships occur when the agent has put in the effort to maintain these relationships by going the extra mile for their clients and when there is open and honest communication between the two parties.

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