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NAM $ 21,000,000

  • Stand ± 9604ha
This beautiful farm, located approximately 140 km to the south-west of Windhoek in the Gamsberg area, covers approximately 9 604 ha. The landscape is absolutely spec...

NAM $ 65,000,000

  • Stand ± 25009ha
The property covers a total area of 25 000 ha comprising two farms , registered in two title deeds. The property is located to the west of Kalkrand and approximately...

NAM $ 23,000,000

  • Stand ± 10925ha
This Kalahari farm is located 140 km to the north–east of Koës and to the south-east of Aranos, bordering the Kgalagdi Cross Border Game Reserve to the east and the ...

NAM $ 13,500,000

  • Stand ± 9654ha
The property is located to the southwest of Kalkrand and comprises 3 separate farming properties covering 9 654 ha. The farm is well developed for large or small st...

NAM $ 11,500,000

  • Stand ± 5567ha
The property is located approximately 50km to the west of Kalkfeld and it covers approximately 5567 ha. It is a typical cattle farm, but small stock could also str...

NAM $ 8,500,000

  • Stand ± 7822ha
Farm KOPPIES is located just beneath Spreetshoogte in the pre-Namib Desert. The distance from Windhoek via Rehoboth to the farm is approximately 200 km and the dista...

NAM $ 10,500,000

  • Stand ± 7140ha
This beautiful property, measuring 7 140 ha, is located approximately 50 km to the west of Outjo. The topography and landscape consist of plains, rivulets, small hil...

NAM $ 15,000,000

  • Stand ± 3189ha
The property, 3 189 ha in size, is located approximately 30 km to the north-west of Otavi and is operated as a game and hunting farm. The main farmstead has a pretty...

NAM $ 25,000,000

  • Stand ± 6000ha
This property, consisting of two farms, each with its own title deed, covers approximately 6 000 ha in total. It is located 32 km to the west of Otavi along the road...
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