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Henties Bay at a glance

Slowly at first, but more rapidly during the last decade, Henties Bay has expanded to include holiday homes that could feature in property and décor magazines along with the grandest of dwellings. In creative spirit, some homeowners have started and continued to name their homes, a tradition that contributes to the little town’s magic. Names like “Armoede Se Gat”, “‘n Blertsie See”, “Roeshoek”, “Kannie C sienie” often cause an appreciative smile among house hunters. This creativity is continued in some very original and artistic house designs.

Henties Bay is a prime location for beach anglers, with species like kabeljou, steenbras and galjoen in abundance if you know where to find them on a good day. If you’re not a skilled angler, the ocean provides black mussel and crayfish at the tidal rock pools at Solitaire halfway to Jakkalsputz. Freshly picked from the rocks, cleaned and steamed over an open fire, the black mussel is a delicatessen fit for a king!

Henties Bay is rapidly expanding in a southern direction with new residential areas on the rise. Some real estate projects in different stages of planning and development are a retirement village, a golf estate, the upgrading of De Duine Hotel, and the construction of a second hotel.

The real charm however lies with the exquisite natural beauty of this area - the coastal environment of Henties Bay is unique and sensitive and the government has legislation in place to protect its precious marine resources and the desert’s rare fauna and flora. The exquisite lichen fields, the gravel plains where the Damara Terns breed, seal colonies, the well-known Welwitschia mirabilis, and some impressive rock formations can all be viewed if you take a day trip from Henties Bay. Flocks of seagulls, pelicans, flamingos, and cormorants occur in abundance during certain months. Henties might be one of the last places on Earth where one is allowed to drive on the beach - a magical experience in its own right! The lovely wide, clean sandy shores are perfect for jogging, strolling, and sunbathing – often with no other person in sight.

Once you visit Henties Bay, you will definitely understand why so many people choose to make their once holiday destination, their permanent home!

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