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Church in Walvis Bay
Pelican caught in high-speed just off the coast of Walvis Bay
Pelicans in Walvis Bay
Palm trees in Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay at a glance

Discovered in the late fifteenth century by Bartolomeu Dias, Walvis Bay continues to be a paradise for those who are lured and entranced by the ocean.

Nowadays Walvis Bay aims to become one of Africa’s biggest and most important seaports, but until the last decade of the previous century, this strategic little harbour town remained a piece of South Africa within Namibian borders. Only in 1994, four years after Namibia’s independence, it was handed back to the Namibian government.

Touching down at Rooikop Airport with Namib Dunes beckoning and the Atlantic Ocean winking in the far distance, you can’t be prepared for the explosion of development that awaits to surprise you on entering the harbour town. Walvis Bay is unique in so many ways!

The Walvis Bay Lagoon, an exquisite and sensitive ecosystem, is one of the richest wetlands in Southern Africa. Here, bird lovers, photographers, tourists, and inhabitants of Meersig (the luxury neighbouring residential area), can feast their eyes on species like cormorants, pelicans, gulls, and flamingos feeding in vast numbers of the scrumptious source of algae, insects, crustaceans, molluscs, and small fish. On a good day, you might be entertained by a flock of Damara terns, doing their choreographed dance, the sun reflecting in their silver-grey and white feathers.

If you are not that fond of the water or prone to being seasick, there are more than enough exciting things to do for land-dwellers, for instance (if you are fairly fit) to climb Dune 7 and be stunned by the breathtaking views in all directions if you manage to reach the top.

At the quay for boarding the catamarans, the temporary waterfront houses charming little gift shops, a lovely art gallery and cafés that serve delicious coffee, cakes and the best prepared calamari you will find anywhere on the planet! Just beware of the tame old pelican which might decide to follow you and take a nibble at your thigh.

To conclude your day on the water in a gorgeous fashion, you can’t do better than having lunch at The Raft restaurant. Perched on stilts over the ocean, it provides the perfect view over the lagoon and harbour. Be sure to look out for jellyfish floating by, as well as more flamingos, gulls, pelicans, and the odd dolphin.

The fishing industry has always been a major player in Walvis Bay’s economy and in the next few years, exploding industrial development promises to create excellent investment opportunities. The expanded harbour will transform Walvis Bay into an important link between the SADC countries, the Americas, Europe as well as the rest of Africa.

Just like this mysterious treasure chest had been waiting for discovery by Dias some centuries ago, still nurturing an abundance of marine life, Walvis Bay is beckoning today to be discovered and explored by you, the tourist, the investor, the ocean lover, the resident.

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  • Walvis Bay Private School
  • The International School of Walvis Bayl
  • Laerskool Walvis Bay
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