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Erongo at a glance

The Erongo Region is a geological wonderland - formed by the Erongo Mountains, a 130 million-year-old volcanic ruin with breathtaking rock formations and landscapes.

The capital of this picturesque region is Swakopmund, which includes the Swakopmund magisterial district up to the Ugab River and includes the Walvis Bay, Omaruru, and Karibib magisterial districts. The Erongo region derives its name from the impressive 2030m above sea level Erongo Mountain Range, an eroded volcano active some 140-150 million years ago. Possibly the most famous distinctive landmarks in the Erongo region are a granite rock formation called Spitzkoppe and the Brandberg which is Namibia’s highest mountain. This area is well known for its rock paintings such as the “White Lady."

Travelling through an area of massive sand dunes approximately 30km south of Swakopmund, you will find Walvis Bay, a busy harbour town situated next to a lagoon. Here one can marvel at the numerous flamingoes, or for the more adventurous there is also the option of climbing Dune 7, one of the highest dunes in the Erongo region and on the coast of Namibia.

Various mining operations occur within this region at places such as Navachab and on a smaller scale at places surrounding Uis and the desert area. Karibib also has a marble industry. Walvis Bay is the principal home of Namibia's fishing industry. Walvis Bay also boasts the only deep seaport and is the second largest town in the country. Swakopmund and Langstrand are popular beach resorts; Arandis supports the mining industry, and Swakopmund boasts manufacturing activities.

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