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Working with a knowledgeable real estate agent not only eases the complex process of buying and selling a home, but also makes it a notable journey from start to finish. The MyProperty Neighbourhood Experts are all agents that excel in their local neighbourhoods and we want to connect you with them - because selling and buying your home is not just about making the sale, it is also about providing unmatched service and a unique personal touch.
Harrold Page
What makes Swakopmund Central a great suburb?
Swakopmund is a Cosmopolitan Town, with, these days, influences from various cultures. It is thus important to understand the culture and needs of one's client, to ensure you can marry such a persons property needs with the correct area, and ultimately, property. It was always a dream of mine to work in Swakopmund: Now that I LIVE THE DREAM, I am passionate to understand all aspect and nuances of this beautiful town.
The typical Swakopmund Central buyer
Mixed / Higher-income buyers usually
Price overview of Swakopmund Central
Varies - Most popular price N$2500000
Popular in Swakopmund Central
Swakopmund Hotel & Mole / Swakopmund CBD /Swakopmund Jetty
My Swakopmund Central tip
Daphne Swanepoel
What makes Ocean View a great suburb?
Great for tourism and investors
The typical Ocean View buyer
Foreigners, investors.
Price overview of Ocean View
Any price from 2 million up to 20 million
Popular in Ocean View
Lots of interesting shops, restaurants, the museum, Platz Am Mere mall.
My Ocean View tip
Current rental stock shortage which make it great for investors.
Jannie Erasmus
What makes Kleine Kuppe a great suburb?
All the amenities, school, mall & hospital
The typical Kleine Kuppe buyer
Price overview of Kleine Kuppe
N$ 2 000 000.00 upwards to N$ 11 000 000.00
Popular in Kleine Kuppe
Grove Mall, Windhoek Gymnasium Private School, Lady Pohamba Private Hospital
My Kleine Kuppe tip
High demand area due to its populatity