Otjozondjupa property guide

Otjozondjupa at a glance

With a size of 105,185 square kilometers and ranging vegetation from open savanna around Otjiwarongwe, to lush vegetation and massive bright red sandstone cliffs, Otjozondjupa is one of the most magical places in an already breathtaking country.

The main attractions in the Otjozondjupa region are the Waterberg Plateau and the Hoba meteorite close to the town of Grootfontein. With the Waterberg Plateau table in Otjozondjupa being so inaccessible to predators and illegal hunters, this natural wildlife sanctuary has been used very successfully in the rehabilitation of several of Namibia’s endangered species – to such an extent that there is now even a surplus of species to be relocated from the Waterberg Plateau to other national parks in Namibia.

The Hoba meteorite near Grootfontein, is a National Monument in Namibia and popular among tourists for the simple reason that this is the largest piece of iron ever found near Earth’s surface, weighing 66 tons. Interestingly enough there is no surrounding crater which one usually finds near meteorites.

Activities in the Otjozondjupa region have a strong focus on game viewing on hiking trails or game drives, but guests can also visit a Herero village in this area and the Cheetah Conservation Fund serves to protect the cheetah in this part of Namibia.

Administration offices are based in Otjiwarongo which is the largest town in the region. The farming activities of Okahandja and Otjiwarongo are homogenous as these parts are well known for cattle farming. The Otavi and Grootfontein districts, and to a lesser extent also Otjiwarongo, are the granary of Namibia. The region also has a great potential to establish industries connected with such farming activities and their by-products of it. It further has the advantage of combining communal and commercial farming in the same region.

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