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Kavango East is one of the fourteen regions of Namibia. Its capital is Rundu. Because of its rather higher rainfall than most other parts of Namibia, this region has agricultural potential for the cultivation of a variety of crops, as well as for organised forestry and agro-forestry, which stimulates furniture making and related industries.

The region also contains the western half of the Caprivi Strip.

The region is subdivided into six electoral constituencies:

  • Mashare
  • Mukwe
  • Ndiyona
  • Ndonga Linena
  • Rundu Rural
  • Rundu Urban

There is a particular dearth of north-south roads in the Region, apart from the Rundu-Grootfontein main road. Rundu has a small airstrip to accommodate medium-sized tourist or cargo aircraft in daylight only. The poor condition of the roads and the long distances had a negative effect on tourism; this situation was improved by the completion of the Trans–Caprivi Highway. A major highway connecting Rundu to western Kavango and the Ohangwena Region is under construction.

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