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A small community a mere 80 kilometers from the capital of Windhoek, Dordabis is a farming community surrounded by tall acacia trees, between rounded, bush-covered hills. While the main activity in the area is farming, many artists have made this area home in recent years and tourists also visit one of the many lodges and tented camps in the area. Dordabis has a post office, health clinic, police station and primary school.
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Windhoek, the vibrant capital of Namibia is an exceptional mixture of history and future-forward thinking - as evident in the incredible plethora of properties on offer in this bustling city. From large residential properties to investment development - it is an exciting blend of modern architecture and Victorian style buildings - making it impossible to resist and easy to fall in love with.
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Located close to the largest open-pit uranium mine, Arandis has been called the Uranium Capital of the World. This proximity means that most of the residents living here are somehow connected to the mine.
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Henties Bay
Slowly at first, but more rapidly during the last decade, Henties Bay has expanded to include holiday homes that could feature in property and décor magazines along with the grandest of dwellings.
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Swakopmund is an exquisite coastal town that will take your breath away with its splendid geographical surroundings, its foggy weather and its architectural masterpieces.
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Walvis Bay
Discovered in the late fifteenth century by Bartolomeu Dias, Walvis Bay continues to be a paradise for those who are lured and entranced by the ocean.
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Long Beach
Situated between the two coastal towns of Walvis Bay and Swakopmund lies the beautiful Long Beach - a place with a long history, starting out when Walvis Bay was still a part of South Africa.
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Dolphin Beach
Dolphin Beach (or Dolfynstrand) is a very young coastal town - only founded in the 1970s, boasting a few hundred full-time residents. This however changes during the holiday season when its population swells as holidaymakers settle down to relax and enjoy the scenery.
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Bordering Angola the Kunene region, named after the Kunene River, the relatively underdeveloped region lies in the north of Namibia.
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Until very recently, Outjo was mainly known as a drive-through or stopover for tourists on their way to landmarks like the Etosha Pans, the Ugab Rock Finger (Vingerklip), the Petrified Forest, Twyfelfontein, the Burnt Mountain, the Organ Pipes and the spectacular landscapes of Damaraland and Kaokoland. In the last two years however, the town has transformed after a make-over: detox, botox, make-up - the works!
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Aus is located in the Aus Mountains above the plains of the Namib Desert. The small settlement of Aus lies west of Keetmanshoop and east of Lüderitz but has a number of amenities including a hotel, police station, shop and garage.
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Situated on the coast of Southern Namibia and surrounded by the Namib Desert lies the picturesque town of Lüderitz.
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Featured Neighborhood Real Estate Experts
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Daphne Swanepoel
What makes Ocean View a great suburb?
Great for tourism and investors
The typical Ocean View buyer
Foreigners, investors.
Price overview of Ocean View
Any price from 2 million up to 20 million
Popular in Ocean View
Lots of interesting shops, restaurants, the museum, Platz Am Mere mall.
My Ocean View tip
Current rental stock shortage which make it great for investors.
Harrold Page
What makes Swakopmund Central a great suburb?
Swakopmund is a Cosmopolitan Town, with, these days, influences from various cultures. It is thus important to understand the culture and needs of one's client, to ensure you can marry such a persons property needs with the correct area, and ultimately, property. It was always a dream of mine to work in Swakopmund: Now that I LIVE THE DREAM, I am passionate to understand all aspect and nuances of this beautiful town.
The typical Swakopmund Central buyer
Mixed / Higher-income buyers usually
Price overview of Swakopmund Central
Varies - Most popular price N$2500000
Popular in Swakopmund Central
Swakopmund Hotel & Mole / Swakopmund CBD /Swakopmund Jetty
My Swakopmund Central tip
Jannie Erasmus
What makes Kleine Kuppe a great suburb?
All the amenities, school, mall & hospital
The typical Kleine Kuppe buyer
Price overview of Kleine Kuppe
N$ 2 000 000.00 upwards to N$ 11 000 000.00
Popular in Kleine Kuppe
Grove Mall, Windhoek Gymnasium Private School, Lady Pohamba Private Hospital
My Kleine Kuppe tip
High demand area due to its populatity