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The region is located in the central part of Northern Namibia and is one of only three regions without either a coastline or a foreign border. It does however border 4 of the other regions, namely, Ohangwena in the north, Kunene is the South, Oshikoto in the East and the Omusati region in the west. The region gets its name (Oshana) from its most prominent landscape feature, namely the shallow, seasonally inundated depressions which support the local agro ecological system. Oshana's capital is Oshakati, which is considered to be the largest town and capital of the northern part of Namibia, known as Ovamboland.

Although 70% of the population still live in rural areas, 30% are based in urban areas such as Oshakati, making the region the biggest urbanized area in all four northern regions. Oshakati and Ondangwa both have airstrips which are capable of handling medium-sized airplanes during daylight only and provision can be made for both passengers and airfreight.

One of the region's attractions is Lake Oponona which is named from the Ndonga dialect and means, the one that swallowed up all the water. Oponona is a natural lake that is situated about 70 kilometres from Etosha Pan and is the largest lake in the Cuvelai Basin. During a year that sees a fair amount of rain, the lake manages to hold its water through to the following rainy season and for this reason the lake is very popular with many bird species, particularly Flamingo's who move there when the Oshanas (flood plains), swamps, and other wetlands dry up.

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