10 top home features to highlight when selling

With a wealth of information available to buyers getting ready to enter the market, it is vital that sellers ensure they put their property's best foot forward right from the start.

Apart from ensuring that your property is priced correctly  the most important features to highlight to potential buyers of your home include:
The benefits of your home's location
Many potential buyers are trying to cut down on commuting, so if your home is centrally located close to offices and shops or is well served by public transport, don’t forget to say so. Even a position on a busy road can be an advantage to the right kind of buyer – such as a home business owner or a doctor, lawyer, or accountant looking for a new location for their practice, especially if there are large grounds that can accommodate patient or client parking.

An excellent security system
Whether you live in a suburb or a gated estate, prospective buyers will all be interested in what security measures you have in place, so don’t forget to note items such as automated garage doors, electric fencing, a CCTV system, electronic beams, and motion-sensitive lights or alarms.
Proximity to good schools 
Access to a good school is a significant factor for most parents and will be a draw-card for many potential buyers – provided of course that your home has the space to accommodate a family. You should highlight that if the property is close to a university, college, and shops or a large local employer.
Eco-friendly features 
With global warming becoming more real and the cost of living rising, eco-friendly features such as solar geysers or heat pumps, rainwater tanks, and LED light fittings will add to the appeal of your home. These will especially appeal to young buyers who are increasingly environmentally conscious, as well as retirees looking to save on electricity bills.
Technology-friendly properties 
Features such as a smart home security system or a fast fiber-optic internet connection will of course attract young buyers but are also likely to appeal to families and those who run home-based online businesses.
Kitchen upgrades
A new kitchen with modern finishes, especially for families who spend a lot of time at home or anyone who loves to cook.

A great floorplan 
A great floorplan that will really appeal to those buyers who follow the latest home design trends but will also help anyone who comes to view your property to feel “at home” and immediately start envisaging how they could live there.
A striking entertainment area
Highlighting a striking entertainment area will entice those who love to socialise with family and friends on weekends and holidays. Many young professionals and families will appreciate an attractive outdoor area, lapa, pool, or even a large, open-plan living room that gives them space to entertain.

A great view 
if you are lucky enough to have one - flaunt it. This is likely to have a universal appeal so make the most of it, especially on show days and during viewings. Open the curtains that show it off or set up an al fresco table on the patio or balcony that provides the best vista.

A beautiful garden
A beautifully maintained garden will really appeal to those looking for a more outdoor space, or to those with a “green thumb” who are looking for space to grow their own vegetables, herbs, and spices. However, you must make sure your oasis is water-wise.
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