3 Low-cost, high-impact revamps you can do before listing your home

When you are getting ready to list your home, you might be looking at ways to ensure you get the full asking price and sell quickly - but the budget for big projects might not be there. This is where our three low-cost, high-impact projects come in. All they require is a bit of elbow grease and a very small budget.

Project One - Declutter

Want to make spaces feel bigger and brighter? Declutter! Get ahead of the packing by stowing away any items that you don't need on a daily basis, getting rid of things that can be donated or sold on Facebook Marketplace for an extra bit of cash, and throwing away papers, magazines, and takeaway menus.

It is harsh and your home might not feel entirely like yours - but that is the point! You want potential buyers to feel like they could live in a space and not like they are intruding on yours. Once you have done this, give your home a deep clean from floor to ceiling. 

The added bonus is that your home will basically be show-house ready no matter what!

Project Two - Green it up

Want your home to send a subliminal message to buyers? Then bring in some plants - green plants in a space signifies that a home has natural light and buyers are looking for light, airy spaces.

Don't go overboard though! Scatter smaller plants on shelves, bookcases, and coffee tables. If your budget allows for a bigger plant, invest in one that can breathe life into a living room corner. You want to add texture and layers throughout the space.

Project Three - Spray it

Our budgets might not allow for a fresh coat of paint but a can of spray paint will add unexpected magic. Look at your kitchen and bathroom cabinets - are the fittings looking a little worse for wear? A can of spray paint specifically for metal surfaces can help you brighten up and restore handles and knobs instantly. 

You can spray every single fixture in your kitchen. If you have silver hardware you can quickly and cheaply spray paint it gold or bronze and it totally changes the look.

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