Namibia is making it easier for digital nomads

The recently announced Nomad Visa Programme is making it possible for skilled foreign professionals to work, travel and study in the country.

The visa, for which you can apply online, will allow digital nomads to stay in the country for six months. 

Applying for the programme is a quick and simple process from the convenience of your home which will be issued for a total of six months upon your arrival. 

How to Apply 

  • Professionals that are interested in the Namibia Digital Nomad Visa will have to prove that they earn enough money to be self-sufficient. 
  • They will need to demonstrate proof of income/funds by showing evidence of their payslips/employment contracts. To be able to sustain themselves and their dependents every month, applicants need $2000 (around N$36 260) for themselves, $1000 (N$18130) for their accompanying spouse, and $500 (N$9065) for each accompanying child. 
  • Applicants must also have valid travel documents and health or travel insurance covering risks while in Namibia.

Namibia has decent connectivity and a 98% national network coverage footprint. This means that you can connect to the internet from essentially anywhere in the country. 

You will have to rent a car, as most things to do and see are quite far but it is worth the extra money.

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